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New project team member

Monday, September 19th, 2011

RGWR is pleased to announced that Dr. Laurie Stoff (Assistant Professor of History at Louisiana Tech University) has joined the project as a member of the editorial team focusing on military issues. Dr. Stoff specializes in Russian military history with a particular emphasis on the experiences of women on the frontlines of combat. She is author of They Fought for the Motherland: Russia’s Women Soldiers in World War I and the Revolution (Univ. Press of Kansas, 2006) and is currently at work on a second monograph devoted to women in the Russian medical services during the Great War. Her past and current research serves as the basis for her two modules on this site devoted to “Women Soldiers” and “Sisters of Mercy” in Russia’s Great War.


Noteworthy in Books: Officers of the General Staff during the Civil War

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Scholars specializing in the military history of Russia’s Great War and Revolution will be interested in Officers of the General Staff during the Civil War, 1917-1922: Reference Materials, a unique reference work prepared by one of the leading specialists in the history of the Russian Civil War, Andrei Ganin.

Based upon a vast array of documents drawn from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Finish archives (including many recently declassified items from the special services) the book provides previously unavailable information covering the period from the World War I through the years of the Civil War.

Among the many topics the addressed in the volume are: the composition and status of the General Staff; the nature of officers’ training and education regimens; data on the number of officers who served under the Red and White generals and in national armies; the extent of repressive measures directed against the old army military elite; and the fate of these men following the end of the Civil War.

Including approximately 2,700 brief biographies and more than 1,000 pictures of individual officers, Officers of the General Staff during the Civil War, 1917-1922 is an essential resource for scholars and students of the Russian military elite of the revolutionary period.

To order a copy on-line, just follow the link above.


Ганин А. В. Корпус офицеров Генерального штаба в годы Гражданской войны 1917-1922 гг.: Справочные материалы. – М.: Русский путь, 2009. – 895 с., ил.

Этот уникальный справочник подготовлен одним из ведущих специалистов по истории Гражданской войны в России Андреем Ганиным. Для чего необходим Генеральный штаб? Кто такие офицеры-генштабисты? Как проходило обучение в академии Генерального штаба? Сколько генштабистов оказалось у красных, а сколько пошло к белым? Кто из них изменил своим новым начальникам и перебежал в противоположный лагерь? Как сложились судьбы этих людей после Гражданской войны? Каковы масштабы репрессий против военной элиты старой русской армии? Ответы на эти и многие другие вопросы даёт новое фундаментальное издание. Исследование такого масштаба выходит впервые в России и не имеет аналогов. В основе справочника – архивные документы из России, Украины, Польши и Финляндии, в том числе материалы ещё недавно засекреченных архивов спецслужб. Прослежены судьбы и участие в Гражданской войне в рядах Красной, белых и национальных армий почти трёх тысяч выпускников академии, включая ускоренные выпуски военного времени. Издание содержит свыше тысячи портретов офицеров-генштабистов, значительная часть которых публикуется впервые.


New in Books: All the Tsar’s Men

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

In addition to providing information regarding progress on the RGWR edited volumes and alerting visitors to updates on this site, the News section is intended to help publicize and support the work being undertaken by academic historians.

From time to time, we’ll be posting announcements regarding new books and on-line resources relating, broadly, to the history of Russia’s Great War, Revolution, and Civil War. This is one of those times. is pleased to note the release of John Steinberg’s All the Tsar’s Men: Russia’s General Staff and the Fate of the Empire, 1898–1914, recently published by Johns Hopkins University Press in conjunction with the Woodrow Wilson Center Press.

From the publisher’s site:

All the Tsar’s Men examines how institutional reforms designed to prepare the Imperial Russian Army for the modern battlefield failed to prevent devastating defeats in both the 1905 Russo-Japanese War and World War I. John W. Steinberg argues that the General Staff officers who devised new educational and doctrinal reforms had the experience, dedication, and leadership skills to defend the empire in the new age of warfare but were continually impeded by institutionalized inefficiency and rigid control from their superiors. These officers, he explains, were operating within a command structure unwilling to grant them the autonomy necessary to effect significant reform, which proved disastrous for the army and—ultimately— the empire.”

Early last month, Steinberg conducted an extended telephone interview with Marshal Poe for the latter’s terrific New Books in History website. To listen to an MP3 audio recording of the interview, click here.